The infinite expansion of the Yellowstone universe continues

Yellowstone universe continues to expand
Yellowstone universe continues to expand


Much like the actual universe, the Yellowstone universe continues to expand in seemingly infinite directions. Yellowstone is the past, Yellowstone is the present, Yellowstone is the future, until the future becomes the past again. It may not make sense now, but it will soon; because everything the light touches belongs to the Duttons, and everything the Duttons touch is Good. To make matters simple: Yellowstone is ending, to be immediately followed by more Yellowstone. Got it?

Of course we already knew that Yellowstone, the version with star and present-day Dutton patriarch Kevin Costner, was coming to an end in the final episodes of its fifth season. We also knew that Paramount was plotting to keep the series alive in some form. Now the studio has made it official with the announcement of a spinoff called 2024. Per Variety, 2024 is billed as a contemporary spin-off of the main show, which will air its final episodes in November 2024. 2024 doesn’t have a release date as yet, but presumably, it’ll air after the Yellowstone finale, so that means 2024 would likely air in 2025. That means the contemporary show will quickly become a period piece. But Yellowstone is eternal, and as rumored spin-off star Matthew McConaughey once said, time is a flat circle.

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