Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is out this year, and looks like first-person Uncharted with Wolfenstein combat and more Nazis

 Indiana Jones game.
Indiana Jones game.

Bethesda's Indiana Jones game, from developer MachineGames, made a proper debut at today's Xbox Developer Showcase, where it got the final title of Indiana Jones and the Great Circle.

The Xbox Developer Direct 2024 revealed a surprisingly robust look at the new game, which confirmed that it's a first-person title that borrows a whole lot of notes from developer MachineGames' Wolfenstein titles, and not just because of all the Nazis to kill. There seems to be a major emphasis on letting players choose their own path through enemy encounters, whether you want to go stealthy or guns blazing.

There's also a fair bit of Uncharted-style swashbuckling, which seems like a full circle moment for both franchises. The devs promise lots of puzzles, though many of them will be optional and off the beaten path. You'll also be able to make extensive use of Indy's whip in both combat and exploration, and in many cases the action will move to a third-person perspective as you watch the hero

The game is going all-in on the classic era of Indy, with a young Harrison Ford likeness and a story set between Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade.

The game is due out in 2024, which is surprisingly soon given how little we'd seen of it up until this point. It's been more than two years since the hotly anticipated Indiana Jones adventure was announced, and things have been almost conspicuously silent since, so it's good to finally see something concrete.

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