'Indiana Jones 5': Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy calls Harrison Ford "the bionic man"

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy talked to Yahoo during Star Wars Celebration, and called Harrison Ford "the bionic man" in Indiana Jones 5.

Video Transcript

HARRISON FORD: We have almost completed the next "Indiana Jones" film. And I am really proud of the movie that we made.

KEVIN POLOWY: "Indiana Jones," obviously, got people very, very excited, like it always will, today. Harrison Ford mentioned that you guys are almost done shooting that.

KATHLEEN KENNEDY: Oh, we're done shooting.

KEVIN POLOWY: You are done shooting that?


KEVIN POLOWY: What can you say about what his energy was like on that set?

KATHLEEN KENNEDY: I would say his energy is amazing. John Williams's energy is amazing. He's the bionic man. I mean, Harrison, in real life and as Indiana Jones, he's just remarkable. We had an absolute blast. And he worked almost every day of the shoot. Just remarkable.

KEVIN POLOWY: And just stunting as much as he's ever done.

KATHLEEN KENNEDY: Yes, but you know, he's an older Indiana Jones. And we don't shy away from that. That's what the movie's about. And that's what's pretty great. And Phoebe Waller-Bridge plays fantastic character in the movie. And they have a great banter. And it's got all the elements of what I think everybody's going to be looking forward to with "Indiana Jones." So I'm excited.