Incredible fairy village discovered in park forest

Fairies are said to bring good luck if you happen to see one. The building of a fairy village in your garden is also said to bring good luck with your harvest. It is said that if you do find a fairy, you get three wishes. Fairy villages have been found in parks and forests that seem to be randomly constructed along the forest floor and around tree bases. Recently the person that recorded this cool footage had been walking in a local park forest in Surrey British Columbia, when he stumbled across a very large Fairy Village. Hundreds of little homes and building were spread over a large area of fallen trees and stumps. Building that are like bird houses and all the way to the great imagination of someone to build a jail, a medical office or hospital, to a beer parlour. Everyone needs some fun in their lives, even fairies. Wandering the village made for a very fun experience seeing the incredible skill and imagination of those that have created these 'fairy homes". The number of structures is simply amazing and must have taken years to build to the numbers today. Seeing this definitely made for a happy morning for the videographer amongst all the negativity and troubles during the covid 19 pandemic of 2020.