An 'Impawssible' Choice! Excited Dog Dives Into Box of Pet Toys at Missouri Store

A dog enjoying some retail therapy was spoiled for choice when it came to choosing a new chew toy at a Missouri hardware store.

Footage shared to TikTok by Liberty man Shannon Emery on March 4 shows his one-year-old German shepherd, Mila, excitedly jumping into a box full of pet toys at his local Menards building supply store, much to the delight of other customers.

Emery can be heard telling fellow shoppers that she had jumped into the box before he started filming the video, and he was trying to get her to do it again for the camera.

“She has been to this store a couple of times and she does get to pick out a toy each visit. The aisle with the toy bin is one of the last stops in the store so she impatiently pulled the leash towards that part of the store the whole visit,” Emery told Storyful.

“When we finally got there this time, the stock was low so she could not reach the toys very well. She just jumped right in without hesitation but I was not recording the first time she did it. So, we recreated the moment on camera,” he said.

He added that Mila decided to go for a “yellow squeaky ball” as her toy of choice. Credit: Shannon Emery via Storyful