IMPACT Wrestling Results – August 31, 2023

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IMPACT Wrestling Results – August 31, 2023

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Knockouts #1 Contender’s Battle Royal

MK Ultra receives an entrance on air. We see Alisha and Jody scrapping one corner, Savannah and Masha fighting in another. Vanna Black is taking part as an unannounced participant. Shaw pivots to punching on Masha in the corner. Alisha yells at Black and wants her to help her. Death Dollz walk up and start punching them before Killer Kelly clobbers them. Masha clotheslines Alisha on the apron. Black throws forearms at Kelly. Masha eliminates Black first.

Evans throws King face-first into the turnbuckle. MK Ultra tries throwing out Shaw when Evans breaks it. Evans tosses Kelly, then Shaw throws out Masha. Rush clotheslines Shaw and they both fall to the floor to be eliminated. Jessicka and King duke it out in the center until Evans boots them. King and Evans lift Jessicka up but Threat pulls her back in. King pulls the top rope and Jessicka falls out onto the ramp.

Evans, King, and Jody appear to be the final three. King knee strikes and Threat dropkicks Evans off the apron to eliminate her. It’s down to King and Threat as they meet in the center for shoving and forearms. King hits Threat with a Neutralizer. Threat lands on her feet off an attempted slam. She hits the double knees in the rope followed by the German throw. King throws Threat to the apron, but then Threat reverses it. Alisha runs in and pushes both of them out to win.

Winner: Alisha Edwards

We see footage of how she hid under the ring to pull off the win. Trinity looks pleasantly surprised backstage.

We see footage of the 8-man tag at Emergence. Sabin and Shelley are interviewed backstage when Alexander walks up. He says the loss is on him because of Maclin’s distraction. He has to get his emotions in check. Shelley says he doesn’t appreciate Josh touching the title and calling it his. Shelley doesn’t like the idea he’s a transitional champion. The Rascalz then interrupt after Josh leaves. Sabin says they’re embarrassing themselves. Sabin challenges Wentz to a match tonight.

Alisha celebrates with Eddie backstage. She’s not just a champion’s wife and sends a message to Frankie, Traci, and Trinity.

Crazzy Steve vs. Mike Bailey

Steve charges the corner and Bailey tries for the tornado kick. Steve immediately goes the eyes and holds it until the ref counts him out at five. Steve then shoves the ref before pulling a fork out of his boot. Steve tells Mike he wants his eyes and tries stabbing him with the fork. Black Taurus runs down and tries to talk sense into him, but Steve shoves him down and shoves thumbs in his eyes. Security enters the ring but Steve is frothing at the mouth while trying to rip Taurus’ eyes out. He finally leaves while smiling and then scares security by faking another run-in. Taurus gets to his feet as the lights turn red.

Winner: Mike Bailey by DQ

Backstage, Myers hypes up his six-man tag match with Moose and Edwards. Bully walks up and Myers says Bully is the only one who has a problem with PCO. Moose says they’re not part of that. Bully then hears PCO approaching.

Will Ospreay will be part of Bound For Glory in Chicago and Turning Point during Impact’s UK tour in October.

We cut to footage of Bully running from PCO. He shoves a door against PCO’s arm to prevent him from reaching. Bully says he tried to kill the monster and tries speaking to the man.

Eric Young vs. Kon

EY takes it to Kon out of the gate. Kon catches his crossbody and slams him for a cover. Kon with a leg drop, another cover. Kon picks EY apart and EY struggles to stay on his feet. Kon grabs EY and easily tosses him over the turnbuckle and EY falls in front of the announce desk. After the break, Kon hits an elbow drop for another pinfall attempt. Kon clamps down on the neck before EY elbows his way up.

Kon charges the corner and EY evades. He tries clotheslining Kon, but the big man won’t fall. EY finally hoists Kon up and then hits the DVD for a nearfall. They go up top where EY bites Kon’s head to get him off. EY throws another punch and then lands the elbow drop for another nearfall. Kon with a back body drop and then full nelson slam, cover. Young manages to nail the piledriver on the floor. Kon barely beats the count out. EY hits a second piledriver, this time in the ring, and that seals it.

Winner: Eric Young

Lio Rush sends a message to Sabin and questions why he’s wrestling Wentz tonight. Kushida walks up with his X in hand and simply says, “Victory Road.”

Gia speaks to Deonna about her Emergence loss. Deonna says she’s faced set backs but despite that, she’s still the face of the Knockouts division. She turns her focus to Jordynne, who is returning at Victory Road. Deonna says we’ve forgotten about her, but if she wants to re-emerge, then fine. Deonna officially challenges Jordynne to another match at Victory Road.

Chris Sabin vs. Zachary Wentz

Trey and Shelley are at ringside. Lock up starts them off before Wentz ducks out to the ramp and regroups with Trey. Back inside, they chain wrestle while trading wrist holds. Sabin with a hip toss followed by an arm drag into a hold. Wentz breaks free and flies out of the ring to tackle Sabin. Trey attempts to kick Sabin, but Shelley steps up to him. Wentz stares down Shelley going into commercial.

We come back to Wentz hitting a running knee in the corner followed by a PK across the chest for a cover. Wentz wraps himself around Sabin’s left arm. Once free, Wentz unloads with kicks to avoid Cradle Shock. He manages a half nelson slam for a two-count. Wentz and Sabin trade explosive kicks and both of them go down. Sabin gets Wentz on his shoulders, but he escapes. Sabin traps Wentz in the roll through STF, but Trey distracts the ref until Shelley grabs him.

Sabin kicks Trey before Wentz falls out. Shelley holds the ropes open so Sabin can dive onto The Rascalz. Sabin climbs to the top and hits Wentz with a missile dropkick to the back. Cradle Shock connects for the win.

Winner: Chris Sabin

Trey immediately ambushes the Guns and then The Rascalz retreat with their gold in hand. Shelley yells from the ramp.

Backstage, ABC congratulates The Rascalz on winning the tag titles at Emergence. It’ll be even sweeter for them to beat The Rascalz to regain the gold. Bey says Rascalz are renting the titles and it’s time to pay up. Good Hands walk up when name dropped and say they have a score to settle. Bey challenges them to a fight, but Skyler says not yet.

Subculture find Santino backstage. They want their tag title rematch, but Santino already books Rascalz vs. Machine Guns for Victory Road. Sami Callihan and Rich Swann walk up and complain about getting screwed in the tournament. They pitch a title match, so Santino books Subculture vs. Sami & Swann for next week. They leave and JoYa walks up. They also want a title shot and Santino says they’ll get there one day. They leave dejected.

Kenny King speaks

Kenny King and Sheldon Jean are in the ring. He runs down how he beat Hendry, Yuya, and then both of them at the same time. At Emergence, he took care of “the joke” Johnny Swinger and then kicked Tommy Dreamer. King tries getting a “DMC” chant going, but the fans only boo. Tommy Dreamer walks out with no music. Dreamer says Swinger’s father in law passed the day of Emergence, so he wanted to check on his friend after that bout.

Dreamer recalls his conversation with Swinger that day and says they’ve been friends for 20 years. Then he sees King and Jean living their life surrounded by women, not watching the Emergence main event. Dreamer calls it a massive ‘no-no.’ King says he didn’t know about Swinger’s situation, otherwise… he would’ve been taking shots at the bar. King says he did ask for advice back in the day, but Dreamer is still in “the spot.” King says Dreamer doesn’t want to give it up.

Dreamer says 2023 has been the hardest year of his life and maybe he could do one great thing for the business. He has had fan backing for 33 years. So he’ll go ask Santino for this: Dreamer’s career vs. King’s title at Victory Road. It’ll be the same building where he saw his first wrestling match with his dad. Dreamer says hopefully King accepts his challenge and then exits.

Set for next week:

  • Deonna Purrazzo vs. Dani Luna

  • Subculture vs. Swann & Callihan

  • Lio Rush vs. Kevin Knight

  • Josh Alexander & PCO vs. Bully Ray & Steve Maclin

Several matches were also confirmed for Victory Road including Alexander vs. Maclin.

SANADA, Jake Something & Frankie Kazarian vs. Eddie Edwards, Moose & Brian Myers

Eddie is supposed to start with Kaz, but Myers tags in. Sanada quickly comes in and helps Kaz suplex Myers. The heels regroup outside so Jake dives out onto the trio. Dango and Bravo are watching backstage. We come back from break to Myers trapping Sanada in a headlock. Moose holds Sanada in the corner while the ref isn’t looking. Eddie plants Sanada with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two-count. Moose keeps Sanada in the heel corner before Eddie returns with more offense.

Moose goes to powerbomb Sanada, but he counters with a hurricanrana. Sanada finally tags out to Kaz who unloads on Eddie. Kaz hits the legdrop off the ropes and knocks Myers off the apron. Unprettier on Edwards connects, two-count. Something gets the tag and he cleans house with offense until Moose nearly stops him. Jake hits Moose with a huge pop up powerbomb.

Corner spear to Myers, then Moose evades. Moose powerbombs Jake, then Sanada hits Shining Wizard. Myers hits Roster Cut on Sanada, Kaz DDTs.  Kaz and Eddie spill to the floor together. Myers charges Something, but he catches him with Into the Void. Something pins Myers for the win.

Winners: Jake Something, SANADA & Frankie Kazarian

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