I'm a Dietitian & These Are the Easy Dinners I Make When I Didn't Meal Plan

As a dietitian on a budget, I try to meal plan to start my week as it helps me save money, cut down on food waste and save time in the kitchen. That said, life gets busy and no one is perfect. Especially when I'm returning home from travel or after hectic weekends, it's harder to take inventory of my kitchen, meal plan and get to the grocery store. During those weeks, I rely on these healthy, super easy dinner recipes. Dishes like Black Bean Fajita Skillet and One-Pot Pasta with Tuna can be mostly made with pantry staples like canned beans, diced tomatoes and canned or frozen produce. Regardless of how bare my fridge gets, I know I usually have what I need on hand. Plus, these recipes are customizable to your palate and what's stocked in your kitchen. Don't have eggs for Shakshuka? Try adding a can of beans instead. Want to add frozen spinach to your Kitchen Sink Burrito? The world is your oyster. These meals are simple to make with whatever you have on hand while helping you feel full and nourished for a week you forgot to do your typical menu planning. For more budget-friendly beginner cooking tips, check out Thrifty.