Who are IL’s richest people? Gov. Pritzker made Forbes’ billionaires list. See 9 more

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If you were wondering just how wealthy Illinois’ top state official is, Gov. J.B. Pritzker has a net worth of $3.6 billion, though it’s not from his role as a public servant.

That’s according to Forbes Billionaires 2022 list, which put the governor among the 10 wealthiest people in the state.

Forbes releases the list annually, and this year’s edition includes 2,668 individuals across the world worth $12.7 trillion. America leads on the number of billionaire residents, at 735, including No. 1 Elon Musk.

So who are Illinois’ wealthiest residents? Making their fortunes from investments, hospitality and even the 90s collectible staple Beanie Babies, here’s who Forbes ranked as the richest in the state.

Ken Griffin

Griffin leads Illinois as the wealthiest individual in the state with a net worth of $27.2 billion.

He’s the founder, CEO and co-chief investment officer for the hedge fund Citadel. In June, he announced he was pulling the firm out of Chicago, moving headquarters to Miami, where he is expected to relocate.

He rocketed up the billionaires list in the last year, moving from No. 119 in 2021 to No. 53 this year.

Forbes list ranking: 53

Net worth: $27.2 billion

Age: 53

Residence: As of Forbes publishing, Chicago

Patrick Ryan

A Winnetka resident, Ryan serves as chairman and CEO of brokerage and insurance form Ryan Specialty Group.

He accumulated wealth through his first firm, Ryan Insurance, which merged with another in 1982 to form Aon, which Forbes notes is one of the largest investment firms. Ryan left Aon in 2008.

He also saw a substantial increase in wealth over the past year – an increase of about $4.6 billion, per Forbes.

Forbes list ranking: 284

Net worth: $8 billion

Age: 85

Residence: Winnetka

Sam Zell

An investment mogul, Zell is the founder of Equity Group Investments and a prominent real estate investor.

He engineered the 2007 buyout of Tribune Co., which led to the media and newspaper company taking on too much debt and ultimately filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

His wealth has been steadily increasing since 2020, Forbes indicates.

Forbes list ranking: 438

Net worth: $5.8 billion

Age: 80

Residence: Chicago

Joe Mansueto

Though he is no longer CEO, Mansueto owns a little less than half of the investment research firm Morningstar, which he founded in the 80s.

He is the owner of Major League Soccer club the Chicago Fire.

Mansueto’s wealth has more than doubled since 2020.

Forbes list ranking: 460

Net worth: $5.7 billion

Age: 65

Residence: Chicago

Neil Bluhm

At 84, Bluhm, a real estate magnate, owns several high-profile Chicago properties, including The Ritz-Carlton. In addition, he holds several casino properties.

As for sports holdings, Bluhm holds minorities in the Chicago Bulls and the Chicago White Sox.

Forbes list ranking: 480

Net worth: $5.5 billion

Age: 84

Residence: Chicago

Thomas Pritzker

One of the heirs to and the executive chairman of Hyatt Hotels, Pritzker moved up the Forbes ranking this year to No. 552 with a net worth of $5 billion.

Involved in a wide range of business ventures, Pritzker served on the board as director of Royal Caribbean Cruises until early 2020.

Forbes list ranking: 552

Net worth: $5 billion

Age: 72

Residence: Chicago

Ty Warner

If you or your child coveted Beanie Baby plush toys in the 90s, you can thank Warner. He founded the toy company and used profits to invest in luxury hotels.

As of 2022, his net worth sat around $4.3 billion.

Forbes list ranking: 665

Net worth: $4.3 billion

Age: 77

Residence: Oak Brook

Eric Lefkofsky

As the founder of deals website Groupon, Lefkofsky has made a fortune estimated at a net worth of $4.1 billion, landing him at No. 709 on the Forbes list.

He serves on Groupon’s board, according to his profile, and has several other enterprises.

Forbes list ranking: 709

Net worth: $4.1 billion

Age: 52

Residence: Glencoe

Mark Walter

Another Illinois investment firm success, Walter serves as CEO of Guggenheim Partners.

He’s an owner of the LA Dodgers and is an investor in vegan food company Beyond Meat and alternative car sales business Carvana.

Last year, Forbes listed his worth higher, at $4.7 billion.

Forbes list ranking: 665

Net worth: $3.9 billion

Age: 62

Residence: Chicago

J.B. Pritzker

Though he’s one of the heirs to the Hyatt Hotels fortune, J.B. Pritzker is perhaps best known as Illinois’ current governor.

Before being elected the state’s Democratic governor in 2018 LINK, he had a private equity firm, Pritzker Group.

He is up for re-election this year.

Forbes list ranking: 822

Net worth: $3.6 billion

Age: 57

Residence: Springfield

Others on the list

Other Illinois residents that made the Forbes list include Joseph Grendys (No. 951), Penny Pritzker (also No. 951), Sheldon Lavin (No. 1,012), Steven Sarowitz (No. 1,096), Jennifer Pritzker (No. 1,513), Jerry Reinsdorf (No. 1,645), Byron Trott (No. 1,729), Carl Thoma (No. 1,818), Matt Hulsizer (No. 1,929) and Jenny Just (also No. 1,929).