Amazon has a perfect dupe for the Starbucks iced coffee cup

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This coffee tumbler is a perfect Starbucks duplicate. (Source: Amazon)
This coffee tumbler is a perfect Starbucks duplicate. (Source: Amazon)

Everybody loves the Starbucks reusable cups, from the ceramic mugs to the stainless-steel tumblers, but the most coveted reusable cup of all has got to be their studded, limited edition 24-ounce tumblers.

What’s not to love about them? They’re lightweight, they’re super trendy and best of all, they’re reusable. In fact, every Starbucks fan loves them so much that they’re incredibly hard to come by. Once they sell out, then they’re resold for up to $99. No matter how much we love a reusable Starbucks iced coffee cup, there’s an option that’s within a more sensible budget.

Instead of shelling out a hundred bucks for a limited-edition studded coffee cup, why not buy a super convincing dupe for less than $20? It looks and feels just like the Starbucks classic.

One shopper raved in their five-star review, saying, “I [didn't] get a chance to buy the version from starbucks, I ordered this one and it's just as good if not better. [...] I love the texture and I'm so happy with it!”

Get the exact same look and feel for less than $20

A matte black coffee tumbler.
This tumbler is stylish and durable, a perfect substitute. (Source: Amazon)

$15.99 $16.99 at Amazon

Comfort, style and affordability meet in this popular lookalike. Take it from one shopper who calls this product the “Same cup. LITERALLY," offering a bit of insight into the quality of the cup. “[...] So I stumbled across this and decided to order it. Couldn’t hurt right? It got here and it’s literally the same cup without the Starbucks logo. [...] Seriously if you like black matte and the texture this cup is worth way more than the price tag.”

That black matte aesthetic and grip-friendly texture are quite the selling point on their own. Wondering how it stands up in terms of quality? Well, this cup has plenty of features for the discerning customer.

This huge tumbler is equipped with an insulated double wall, so whether you’re drinking hot tea or iced coffee, it will keep its contents at the same temperature for longer. This product is also BPA-free, which gives that extra layer of peace of mind. Thanks to the splash-free lid, you can use this cup at the gym, the beach, the office and beyond.

Are you a fan of customization? This cup’s blank facade gives you a bevy of options. Whether you’d like to keep it empty or decorate the space with a sticker or logo of your own, make it your own.

If you hurry, you can get 6% off this handy tumbler for a limited time. So get the coffee ready and customize your cup like never before.

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