Ice Cube Shows Off His New House, but You’ll Only See Him There on Friday

Ice Cube visited The Wendy Williams Show and showed off his new party pad. Cube explained that he lives in the house that he owned before, but things were getting a little too cramped for entertaining. Three of his four children still live in the house, and Mr. and Mrs. Cube found themselves renting hotel rooms to have parties.

So the rapper bought a new house in Marina del Rey, Calif., which was previously owned by Jean-Claude Van Damme, to host parties. He explained, “You know, this right here is for the homies. Everybody can come over and hang out, you know, enjoy the whole house.”

Though he bought a house specifically to get away, Ice Cube explained that he enjoys having his family live with him. He said, “I actually don’t want them to leave.”

Watch: We can thank Ice Cube’s freshman year typing class for all he’s given us:

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