Ice Cube defends working with Trump by saying he's trying to 'make a deal with whoever is in power'

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Ice Cube appeared on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah on Wednesday to discuss his initiative known as the Contract With Black America. The CWBA would benefit the Black community economically and improve quality of life. While the initiative is bipartisan, Ice Cube has received some backlash because he has only worked with the Trump administration so far.

“I'm done playing this politic [sic] game,” said Ice Cube. “Joining sides, to me that, that doesn't get the job done. You know, what gets the job done is to try to make a deal with whoever is in power.”

During the previous election, Ice Cube did not appear to support the Trump campaign. But according to a senior advisor on Trump’s current administration, he is helping out now.

“You know, the Trump campaign put out those headlines,” said Ice Cube. “But you know, you got both the sides putting out headlines.”

Speaking of both sides, he recently decided to not participate in a Zoom call with Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris because he assumed the conversation would be fruitless.

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