'Ice & Coco': Watch a Preview of Daytime TV's Newest Dynamic Duo

Ice-T and Coco as daytime talk show hosts? Yes, please!

The pair will yet again team up for TV — following their 2011-14 E! reality show Ice Loves Coco — with a daily summer talk show. In the exclusive video above, Ice-T and Coco (aka Tracy and Nicole Marrow) discuss their plans for the “real, crazy [and] funky” Ice & Coco, which will include everything from his love of cars and her love of shoes to interviews with their famous friends and their role as puppy parents to bulldogs Spartacus and Maximus.

Ice-T, outfitted in a very dad-like striped polo shirt, and Coco, sporting the most conservative ensemble (relatively speaking) we have ever, and likely will ever, see her wear, also talk about covering pop culture and fashion, and Mrs. T’s desire to “Coco-ify” everything (a behavior that includes activities like washing her car in high heels… let’s see Kelly Ripa do that).

The Marrows (the Ts?), who will celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary on Dec. 31, will debut Ice & Coco on Aug. 3 on select Fox-owned TV stations.

“If you watched our reality show, Ice loves Coco, it’s like the next version of that,” Coco told Bridal Tribe magazine. “Instead of watching our life roaming around, not really doing much,  you can get to know us… We will have celebrity friends on, but it’s not going to be celebrity based. It will not be about gossip… we’re just going to have fun.

"And you know what? It’s the first married interracial couple on a talk show ever, so we’re breaking barriers.”

Ice & Coco premieres Aug. 3 on select Fox-owned TV stations.