Iayze Returns With New Single And Video ‘Happy’

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iayze - Photo: YouTube/SimpleStupid/Geffen Records
iayze - Photo: YouTube/SimpleStupid/Geffen Records

Rising Fort Worth, Texas rapper iayze has released “Happy,” a melodic deviation from his recently dropped single “Cracked.” The more laid back track also arrives alongside a Tommy Bauer directed new video.

On the track, Iayze shows off his lyrical dexterity while evoking his feelings of real pain, spitting, “Xannies help me slow up, real heartbreak pill/ She wanna break my heart/ What’s the hold up, baby? We on heartbreak hill.”

The single serves as a nice pairing with “Cracked,” which has quickly become a fan favorite. Fusing his matter-of-fact, decisive delivery with nostalgic strings and rumbling funk electronics, iayze delivers explicit and implicit threats in equal measure: “My racks came in fast/ You say I’m a opp, better get on my a__.” Combining ominous gunplay with brazen humor and a trunk-rattling beat from kele & iankon, “Cracked” emits steely bravado and Texas cool, a trademark for iayze, who’s emerging as a new force from The Lone Star State.

“Happy” is just another step in iayze’s journey as the proverbial next up from Texas, a breeding ground for rap from all elements. He’s been making his presence felt for a few years now, but reached a new plateau with “556 [Green Tip],” a track coated in machismo, quick-fire flexes, and playful hostility. To date, it’s gotten over 6 million YouTube views and over 24 million Spotify streams. And that’s just the beginning. With “Cracked” at his back, iayze is set to make the rest of 2022 a launchpad for rap stardom.

iayze’s array of influences led him to create a sound that mixes plugg, alternative music, emo, and pain rap into a collage of honest songwriting and wide-ranging production that sounds like basically nothing else. iayze began recording his own music at 13, but he says he only started taking it seriously recently, after the birth of his daughter.

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