Ian Ziering Talks That Crazy ‘Sharknado: The Fourth Awakens’ Ending

Spoiler alert! Fin Shepard (Ian Ziering) saved the day in Syfy’s Sharknado: The Fourth Awakens. Of course, he had some help from his wife, April (Tara Reid), who is basically now a battery-powered superhero.

In the video above, Ziering talks us through a few of our favorite moments from the film: there’s Fin stopping the ball of twine; Fin catching, and wrestling with, a shark on top of a speeding train until it’s decapitated by a sign Speed-style; and that outrageous ending.

“I read each of these scripts very critical of what’s going on — what’s on the page has to translate visually. And at the end of the movie, where Fin is pretty much expired — he got chomped by a shark while he was wearing his mech suit — [they] pretty much have to hit the paddles on him to bring him back to life, but there are no paddles. We use April’s electronics and connect them to little shark pups to jolt Fin back to life,” he says. “When the props showed up, I had to just take a deep breath and go with with it, because these were toys that they bought from a toy store. ‘Okay, cover them with blood and let’s go with it. Let’s run through the paint and hope no one sees the footsteps.’”

For more about the worst injury Ziering suffered during the 15-day shoot for Sharknado 4 — and what he sees as the future of the franchise (sorry, Europe!) — watch the video below.

And finally, watch a highlight reel of the most ridiculous moments from The 4th Awakens: