Hungover UK Student Receives McDonald’s Burger With ‘Only Ketamine’ Written On Box

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Image via Kennedy News and Media
Image via Kennedy News and Media

A hungover student has been left “worried” and “apprehensive” after she opened her McDonald’s burger and discovered a ‘only ketamin’ label written on the box.

Reeling from the effects of a heavy night out, Emily Somers and her boyfriend Zac Parker ordered a seemingly simple McDonald’s takeaway on Sunday (June 19) after they had gone to a birthday party the night before.

However, despite the couple’s pretty standard meal, Somers, from Headingley in Leeds, was left taken aback when her burger box arrived with a​​​​​​ handwritten note complete with the words ‘only ketamin’ [with a missing ‘e’] inked in pen.

The law student, who is a self-confessed fussy eater, said she did not believe there was actually ketamine in her burger as the letters ‘amin’ appeared to be in different handwriting to the rest, but instead assumed that it had been jokingly added on to the end of ‘only ket’, meaning ‘only ketchup’.

“When Zac noticed it, we were so confused,” Somers told LADbible. “It was so random. It was suggesting they’d laced my burger with drugs. I took everything off and inspected it because I had to check to see if it had been tampered with. The fact it goes through the kitchen and then someone delivers it, that puts a bit of worry on your mind.

“I took it quite well initially but then I thought what if it was a mum ordering it for a child. You can’t [write] that. It’s inappropriate. I didn’t anticipate any actual ketamine being in there and understood it was probably some employee humour, but I was very apprehensive about eating it.

Initially concerned by the message, the pair pulled the burger apart to double check for signs of the Class A drug between the brioche buns. After finishing her meal, the duo took to Twitter and complained to McDonald’s and Somers was later given a £7.50 voucher for her trouble.

A McDonald’s spokesperson also apologised for the note and said the incident would be investigated. “We have fully investigated this incident and have found nothing to suggest the box left the restaurant in this way,” the fast food giant said. “We are, of course, disappointed the customer did not have the experience they expected, and apologise for any offence caused.”

Uber Eats stated that they had spoken to the courier involved, who told them that they neither opened nor tampered with the bag. A spokesperson for the delivery firm said: “We want everyone who uses the Uber Eats platform to have the best possible experience. This is a concerning report and we are in contact with McDonald’s to understand what happened.”