Hundreds of students party throughout the night in the UK's highest Covid-19 zone

This shocking video shows hundreds of university students partying in the street in the UK's worst-hit Covid area. Neighbours living near Hyde Park in Leeds were kept awake on Saturday night [26] by a huge street rave attended by a bumper crowd of alleged uni revellers. The public rave was held as the academic year ends for universities and students prepare to return to their home towns and cities across the UK. And local residents also expressed fury at the potential super-spreader event as Hyde Park has been reported to have the single highest Covid-19 rate in the entire country. The hotspot has the worst infection rate currently with 1,393.6 cases per 100,000 people. Witnesses claim the party was held from 5pm on Saturday night and carried through until 6AM on Sunday morning with around 300 students believed to have flocked there. *This video was filmed 26th June 2021.