Hulu renews Futurama, which will bring the repeatedly canceled show to season 14

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Who would’ve thought, even a few years ago, that Futurama would not only still be on but that it would’ve made it to 14 seasons over the course of 20-odd years? Who knows, maybe by 2050 or so, the show will have even made it to 20 seasons! Either way, Hulu seems committed to keeping Fry, Leela, and Bender employed for at least a little longer, with the soon-to-be-wholly-Disney-owned streamer announcing that it has renewed its Futurama revival for two additional seasons—which will bring the show to a somewhat unbelievable 14 seasons.

Futurama aired its first Hulu revival season over the summer, and both the best and worst thing you could say about the new show was that it was still Futurama. It hadn’t really evolved, but it also didn’t really need to, and anyone who just wanted more Futurama was going to come away from the new episodes exactly as satisfied as they would’ve hoped to be. A second revival season (season 12) is set to air in 2024, meaning the show will still live on for quite a while thanks to this two-season pick-up.

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