Hulk Hogan Voted ‘Greatest Mustache In History’

Hulk Hogan
Photo by Fryderyk Gabowicz/picture alliance via Getty Images
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MustacheMania is running wild.

Hulk Hogan has the greatest mustache in history, according to a new poll from Lucky Block Casino. According to the site, Lucky Block polled more than 1,000 sports fans who they thought had the best cookie duster ever.

Hogan won with 36.2% of the vote, beating out several big names, including Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce and UFC legend Don Frye. Former England and Arsenal star David Seaman ranked second on the list with 29% of the vote.

Hulk Hogan has worn a horseshoe-style mustache throughout his career, a look he continues to sport today.

Check out the results below:


Percentage of votes

Hulk Hogan


David Seaman


Travis Kelce


Andy Reid


Aaron Rodgers


Don Fyre


Debunking Hogan stories

Hulk Hogan is aware there are plenty of false stories about his life and career. Hogan was a recent guest on INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet and explained why he doesn’t debunk some of the false stories out there about him.

“But some of the Hulk Hogan stories like, oh my gosh, my dad says, hello, he played basketball with you for 15 years and Venice Beach,” Hulk Hogan said. “Well, tell your dad I said hello. But I’ve never played basketball. I don’t say Hey, kid, your dad is a liar.

“I mean, you know, you just can’t go there. But I think she’s [Sky] to the point now where she understands that the people have been endeared by this character so much. Everybody’s got a Hulk Hogan story, whether it’s good or bad, true or false.

“They tell that story. And sometimes I wonder, what are they still getting out of that story? A lot of wrestlers will tell stories about me that I hear. And it’s just not true. Some of the guys are Main Event guys, and I hear these stories. I wonder what they’re still getting out of telling that story.”

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