Hulk Hogan’s 5 Worst Matches

WCW Halloween Havoc 1998
Image Credit: WWE
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Hulk Hogan is, without a doubt, one of the most influential pro wrestlers of all time. The Hulkster was largely responsible for the industry’s first recorded boom in the eighties. His association with the nWo planted the seeds for another huge boom period in the nineties.

Without Hogan, there’s no pro wrestling as we fans know it today. Hulkmania ran wild for years and, in the process, took the business to new heights of popularity. Of course, purists didn’t like his showmanship approach to the industry back in the eighties. Some don’t even like it today.

Hulk Hogan was never the technical maestro like Bret Hart or an all-rounder like Shawn Michaels. His character work sold millions of tickets around the world. That being said, his knack for theatrics and showmanship came at the expense of terrible wrestling.

Let’s explore five of his worst outings.

Hulk Hogan vs. Roddy Piper (Steel Cage Match – WCW Halloween Havoc 1997)

If you haven’t, look up Jim Cornette’s unfiltered reaction to the disaster that was Hulk Hogan versus Roddy Piper from Halloween Havoc 1997. It’s a shame that two of all-time greats, somehow, delivered one of the worst wrestling matches of all time at a major PPV.

There’s so much wrong with this match. Even the commentary is terrible. Just imagine, this match followed the classic between Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero and the brilliant Sudden Death Rules match between Savage and DDP.

Doomsday Cage Match (WCW Uncensored 1996)

Ric Flair and Arn Anderson joined forces with the Dungeon of Doom against Hulk Hogan in the mid-nineties. The Alliance to End Hulkamania (yes, you read that right) collided with Hogan and Randy Savage inside a cage at WCW Uncensored 1996.

Mind you, Hogan and Savage were the only two babyfaces against eight heels in this match. The pair navigated their way down to the cage, taking out the likes of Meng (Haku) and Lex Luger in the process.

Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair (Strap Match – WCW Uncensored 2000)

Hulk Hogan versus Ric Flair at WCW Uncensored 2000 is a prime example of why Vince McMahon pulled the plug on their WrestleMania program in 1992. The two men had no chemistry despite being two of the biggest stars in the industry at the time.

WCW’s overbooking antics made the strap match even worse. Lex Luger showed up out of nowhere to cheat on Flair’s behalf. What we see next is pinfalls are suddenly legal in this weird gimmick match.

Hollywood Hogan vs. The Warrior (WCW Halloween Havoc 1998)

WCW recreating Hogan versus Warrior was a mistake to begin with. The company wanted to milk both men’s history from their WWE days. It backfired terribly. The two superstars met in the penultimate match at Halloween Havoc 1998.

The match was slow and both men looked like they could care less inside the squared circle. This match has a 0.63 rating on Cagematch, which means it’s the least-rated singles match featuring Hulk Hogan on the site.

At least, fans got the all-time classic Goldberg versus DDP in the main event that night.

Battle Royal Match (WCW Thunder #110)

The star power in this match-up might surprise you. The terrible in-ring action would probably not. If you put disaster instead of extravaganza in front of over-the-top-rope, that’d pretty much sum up the match.

WCW clearly had no clue how to properly book multi-men elimination matches in 2000. So many wrestlers are just shoved into the ring at the same time. There’s no proper action, just mindless brawling, and the performers look visibly frustrated.

Hulk Hogan’s worst matches in WWE

  • Hulk Hogan & Tugboat vs. Rhythm & Blues

  • Hulk Hogan & The Ultimate Warrior vs. The Triangle of Terror

  • Hulk Hogan vs. Sid Justice

  • Mr. America vs. Sean O’Haire

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