What do Chris Rock, Gillian Anderson and Pete Davidson have in common? This astounding Emmys XR red carpet experience

The Hollywood Reporter has partnered with Yahoo to launch an innovative XR experience, “The Immersive Red Carpet and Roundtable Experience,” which brings the Emmys red carpet right into your living room. With this immersive experience, viewers can see and interact with this year’s nominees through an audio-enabled augmented-reality (AR) experience. Click below to experience it!

The biggest night in television is this Sunday, Sept. 19, when the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards celebrate the best that the small-screen has to offer. While the stars will be out at L.A. Live’s Event Deck in downtown Los Angeles, fans can get an early up-close-and-personal piece of the red carpet action from the comfort of their own homes, thanks to The Hollywood Reporter’s and Yahoo's immersive red carpet.

A partnership with the Yahoo News XR Partner Program — the industry leader in XR storytelling that reimagines conventional content in fully interactive forms — the Immersive Red Carpet affords casual consumers and binge-watchers alike the opportunity to hear from their favorite actors and actresses in unique fashion. Following in the footsteps of its similar venture for this past April’s Academy Awards telecast, the trade publication’s project is a spin-off of its Emmy Roundtable video series profiling many of the nominees competing for this year’s most coveted prizes.

Through an audio-enabled augmented-reality (AR) experience featuring 3D images of TV luminaries making their way down the red carpet, as well as sound bites from THR’s Roundtable series, The Immersive Red Carpet – available on desktop and mobile devices – is your front-row seat to the gala event. From The Crown’s Gillian Anderson and Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson, to Fargo’s Chris Rock and Small Axe’s John Boyega, some of the medium’s brightest talents speak candidly about their careers, their ambitions and their mutual respect for each other. In the process, viewers get an intimate and entertaining idea about what drives these artists as they continue to push boundaries and chart new paths on television.

Laughing about his unsuccessful bid to play Jimmy Olsen in Tim Burton and Nicolas Cage’s failed Superman Lives film epic, Rock remarks to Boyega, “Where’s my superhero movie? I was this close.” Sarah Paulson, meanwhile, expresses admiration for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series nominee Gillian Anderson (for The Crown), stating, “What it seems to me from an outside perspective, you’re making choices that have very little to do with moving a needle. When I look at the choices you’ve made, it feels honest and it feels noble.”

I would like the Eddie Murphy/[Adam] Sandler career.Pete Davidson

For her part, Anderson says that in the immediate aftermath of The X-Files, she professionally gravitated to the U.K. because “you could move between theater and TV and film, and so that was always my dream.” As for Davidson, his goals involve following in the footsteps of his idols: “I would like the Eddie Murphy/[Adam] Sandler career.”

Launched in 2019, the Yahoo News XR Partner Program provides journalists with trailblazing digital tools to innovate in the augmented-reality space. Creating novel formats for a 5G-powered modern world, the proprietary platform — powered in part by Yahoo Ryot Lab, Yahoo’s award-winning content studio and innovation lab — is compatible with every facet of the media landscape, including news, sports, finance, entertainment and wellness. Bridging the gap between consumers and the things they love, it seeks to transform the industry by changing the way media is produced and enjoyed.

Bolstered by the sort of celebrity and entertainment coverage that only The Hollywood Reporter can deliver, the XR Partner Program’s latest triumph reconfirms the power of augmented-reality to engage and excite audiences. For a genuine Emmys thrill, check out the Immersive Red Carpet, at the top of this article.