Howard Stern Almost Played Sam Elliott’s Role In A Star Is Born

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Sam Elliott and Howard Stern might have more in common than you think: They’re both very tall, they’re both known for their distinct voices, and they were considered for the same role in Bradley Cooper‘s A Star Is Born. Cooper was a guest on Monday’s (November 27th) episode of The Howard Stern Show, and the radio host revealed that he declined playing Jackson’s older brother Bobby in the 2018 film before the part went to Elliott.

Via Billboardthe topic of A Star Is Born came up after Stern and Cooper — who are also close friends outside of the biz — discussed Cooper’s new Leonard Bernstein biopic Maestro. Stern began praising Cooper’s musical capabilities, after which the radio personality said he still gets some flack for turning down a role Cooper had offered him in A Star Is Born.

“This was early-early things swimming in my head when I offered it to you,” Cooper said, going on to add that the script was later tweaked specifically for Elliott in mind. (Elliott did even nab an Oscar for his performance as the half-brother/manager of Cooper’s character.)

“I went, ‘whoa! You must think I’m a lot better looking than’… they’re gonna be like… what is this movie gonna be like Twins?’ I’m Danny DeVito and he’s Arnold Schwarzenegger?,” Stern joked, thought he didn’t immediately decline the opportunity. “I said I’m going to go full-on into it. I’m gonna shave my head, I’m gonna change my whole look.”

It’s shocking enough that Stern would consider sporting a bald head, especially since the only starring role he’s taken in a film so far was as himself in the 1997 biopic about him, Private Parts. 

“It would’ve been amazing,” Cooper remarked, before Stern admitted that he stepped down because he was “just nervous about maybe making a fool out of myself.” Hosting a radio show for over 40 years is probably more likely to bring foolishness out of someone, but to each their own.

Maestro also stars Carey Mulligan, Matt Bomer, Maya Hawke, Sarah Silverman, Michael Urie, Gideon Glick, and Miriam Shor. Its limited theatrical release is ongoing before its premiere on Netflix December 20th.

Howard Stern Almost Played Sam Elliott’s Role In A Star Is Born
Abby Jones

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