Houston production team made up of adults on the autism spectrum wins awards for their film

HOUSTON - Some Houston adults on the autism spectrum are getting a taste of Hollywood after working on a film that is winning awards and their work is getting widespread attention.

The film was 100% shot and edited by a very special group who we caught up with as they were preparing for their Sip and Support fundraiser. That's where we heard the super talented Kyle Cousins singing and playing the piano, practicing for his upcoming performance at the fundraiser.

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When Kyle isn't jamming out, he joins his colleagues in their editing suite at Spectrum Fusion Studios, which hires adults on the autism spectrum.

"Myself included. I was underemployed for a few years," explains MacKenzie McCormack, who has a Master’s Degree.

You see, this production crew is the real deal, making corporate videos for companies, such as Johnson & Johnson, and completing work for a host of schools. So when a production company needed to make a film, guess who they called?

"I actually didn’t believe it and I thought it was a scam," laughs Spectrum Fusion Founder and Executive Director Dr. Heidi Stieglitz Ham.

Fortunately, it wasn’t a scam.

The team at Spectrum Fusion completely shot and edited a short film entitled ‘Dear Cancer,’ which has won several film festival awards, including Best Short Film.

"One notable thing in terms of what I did was the audio," explains 26-year-old Spectrum Fusion employee Darren Logue.

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And the cool ‘ghost effect’ near the end?

"Yes, that was me. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it. I did that," smiles Logue.

"Spectrum Fusion is a non-profit organization designed to bring the talents of autistic adults to the world. We want everybody to be at least at $22 an hour. So we start at $18. Soon $20 will be the minimum," says Dr. Stieglitz Ham.

Spectrum Fusion hosts fundraisers like it's $100 per ticket Sip and Support Tequila Tasting fundraiser to pay its workers, such as the handsome face that can be seen on computer screens everywhere, Garrett Groogan, who hosts Literacy Corner, a show that airs on YouTube.

"As you can tell by his narration, he is very enthusiastic, and he puts on different voices for the different characters," Logue explains.

Look out Hollywood, these Houston behind the scenes stars, are shining bright.

"I definitely didn’t expect to see that we won awards for what we did in the film this soon, and I hope that it’s not the last time," smiles Logue.

You can reach Spectrum Fusion by clicking here.