Houston Man in Stolen Ambulance Caught at Jack in the Box Drive-Thru With Lights Flashing

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Image via Getty/Eric Kayne

A man is in custody after being arrested by Houston police on Thursday night for allegedly stealing an ambulance, per the local CBS affiliate.

Police claim the suspect jumped in the vehicle and drove away while paramedics were on a call at an apartment complex. Authorities were able to track down the ambulance to a nearby Jack in the Box. When police arrived at the fast food franchise, they saw the vehicle in the drive-thru line ordering food with the emergency lights flashing.

The man was reportedly taken into custody without incident. At the moment, it is unclear what he's being charged with since the incident is still under investigation.

This isn't the first time an ambulance has gone missing in the area. In 2019, a man stole an emergency vehicle from outside a psychiatric facility in Houston. When he was caught, he confessed to the police that he only took the ambulance to buy food and cigarettes. He was able to obtain some KFC and smokes before being found.

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