Houston Family Assesses Aftermath of Burst Pipe During Winter Storm

A family in Houston, Texas, evaluated the damages caused by a burst pipe in their home on February 16, as similar incidents and widespread power outages were reported around the area.

Footage shared by Udochukwu Onwumere shows a caved ceiling and debris covering her house’s flooded interior. “Aftermath of a single frozen broken pipe,” Onwumere wrote in a tweet. “Flooded six different rooms and a hallway.”

“There’ll be tons of water damage we have to fix I’m certain,” she continued. “Texas is literally not built for the cold. It’s embarrassing.”

As of 11 am Thursday, there were about 32,000 CenterPoint customers in the Houston area still without power, local media reported.

The Houston Fire Department had received more than 250 calls about carbon monoxide poisoning during the past week, the Houston Mayor’s Office said, due to an increase in generator use. Credit: Udochukwu Onwumere via Storyful