House Of Miyake-Mugler Series ‘House On Fire’ Set At Global ‘Drag Race’ Home WOW Presents Plus

House Of Miyake-Mugler Series ‘House On Fire’ Set At Global ‘Drag Race’ Home WOW Presents Plus | Photo: WOW Presents Plus
House Of Miyake-Mugler Series ‘House On Fire’ Set At Global ‘Drag Race’ Home WOW Presents Plus | Photo: WOW Presents Plus

A unscripted series focusing on ballroom’s House of Miyake-Mugler has been set and will air on WOW Presents Plus, the streaming service from the producers of RuPaul’s Drag Race and more.

World of Wonder’s WOW Presents Plus is most known as the home of Drag Race‘s several international iterations, as well as other Drag Race-centric programming and other queer and LGBTQ content.

The eight-part docuseries, House on Fire will premiere this summer on WOW Presents Plus, “takes place in New York City and follows the pre-eminent House in the Ballroom scene – House of Miyake-Mugler. The some members of the house were notably featured on season 2 of Max’s now-defunct series Legendary, where they won the competition.

The series is produced by ITV America, Good Company and Hey, Man Productions.

Here’s the official description:

Thirty years on from landmark documentary film Paris is Burning, which offered a first glimpse into New York’s drag ball competitions, voguing and ‘house culture’, House on Fire follows in its footsteps and lifts the curtain on the ballroom scene of today, through the eyes of the most distinguished House of them all; the House of Miyake-Mugler.

Comprised of nine chosen family members, the iconic House of Miyake-Mugler functions like any other: Heads of the household, Yusef Mugler and Exotic Mugler, juggle the pressures of competition and impressive careers, with mentoring their talented ‘children’ Tati, Roz, Lolita, Chanel, Brooklyn and aspiring new member AJ. Like any family, the new generation is rebellious, ambitious and full of fresh ideas; pushing the boundaries between representing their historic House and ballroom legacy, and keeping a tight-knit family together. Things get even more complicated when former House ‘jewel’, Leyna Bloom, who at one time had been tapped to be the next Mugler Mother, considers rejoining the fold…

House on Fire depicts a nurturing support system with a range of dynamics: from budding friendships and romances to spiky interpersonal rivalries. Each character struggles daily to establish their position in the House and make a mark in the ballroom world, earning recognition ball by ball and trophy by trophy.

“We are thrilled to have acquired House of Fire for WOWPP,” said Randy Barbato & Fenton Bailey, co-founders of World of Wonder and executive producers for the show. “The series perfectly captures the artistry, passion, and heart of ballroom culture.  The House of Miyake-Mugler will leave our global audience gagging for more”

House on Fire is executive produced by Jordana Hochman and Sarah Howell for ITV America;  Yusef Williams; Loic Maes, Jonathan Lia, Ryan Heiferman and Ralph Miccio for Good Company; and by Brandon Panaligan.