House Husbands We’d Love To See On a Real Housewives Ultimate Guys Trip

Joe Gorga and Frank Catania
(Photo by Mindy Small/Getty Images)

Sometimes, the spouses of Real Housewives turn out to be the stars of the franchise. For years, the Bravo cameras have focused on the drama between the women, including fights, tears, and nightmare vacations. But the real gem that has been somewhat surprising is how some of the husbands have formed tight friendships and taken to the limelight. Picture it, Aruba, 2025, the best of the best husbands all get together for the ultimate guys’ trip full of kegs, cigars, and a lot of good-natured ribbing.

Joe Gorga

Number one on this list is Joe Gorga, and let’s be honest, a few of his brother castmates will also be joining him on this tropical getaway. Joe, when he isn’t fighting with his sister, Teresa Giudice is a hoot. He knows how to let go and enjoy a moment. A moment he is usually causing, but I digress. Joe is that special breed of Jersey dude who knows just how to break your balls without crossing the line.

I would also be very interested in what drunk Joe could bring to the table. Viewers have already seen him plastered and walk into a screen door, so I bet we would get a lot of slapstick moments from him. I would make Joe the leader of the group and have him organize the McMansion, rooms, and food.

Frank Catania

Joe would be nothing without his partner in crime and fellow Jersey boy, Frank Catania. The former bodybuilder also knows how to have a good time. Frank adds an extraordinary amount of emotion, which isn’t often seen with the househusbands. The father of two is happy to share why family means everything to him and isn’t too ashamed to shed a tear or two. Not that we want to cry on the vacation. However, Frank is newly engaged, and the ultimate guys’ trip could be the perfect excuse for a blowout bachelor party! Fans could even expect to see Frank giving a semi-pro dance show after his success at BravoCon. Joe and Frank would also be great at pulling harmless pranks on the other guys, which is just what the spin-off needs.

Simon Van Kempen

This husband isn’t the easiest guy to be around, but that is why Simon Van Kempen would be a perfect addition to Scary Island. Simon’s time during Real Housewives of New York City showed he was more than happy to cross the line with some of the women, and it could be argued he would be just as polarizing for the men. Simon, like Joe, is devoted to his wife, and this could be the building blocks to a good friendship.

Todd Tucker

Even though Todd Tucker isn’t Mama Joyce’s number-one draft pick, he is for our ultimate guys’ trip. Todd would be a great asset and would be in charge of planning one of the days. He loves to help out with all of Kandi Burruss‘ ideas and would easily be able to arrange a guys’ night, inclusive of strippers, and steak. The father of three may sit back and assess the situation, but he would be a great husband to have for the confessionals.

Terry Dubrow

Hands down, Terry Dubrow is one of the best Real Housewives husbands due to his frankness and ability to pretend to give a damn about his wife’s problems. Even with his good-natured personality, Terry has a few flaws that would be perfect amongst the other men. He isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes, and even though the plastic surgeon sometimes comes across as out of touch, he would be a great addition to any guy’s trip and probably would have a few connections to Michelin star restaurants.

John Barlow

I need more screen time with John Barlow! The modern-day renaissance man is all about making his wife, Lisa Barlow, shine. John’s gentle demeanor would be outstanding amongst a bunch of party animals. Frankly, John is the husband we all wish we had. Who doesn’t want a champion in your corner? Time with the other guys would surely allow John to open up, and I am willing to bet he might be a total party animal. I mean, he did spend his mission in Las Vegas. So he knows a thing or two about letting loose.


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