House Of The Dragon lives up to its name in dragon-heavy final trailer

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House Of The Dragon
House Of The Dragon

Game Of Thrones is back, baby, and it’s not facing the same tired complaints from the original series. Rather than make us wait 10 episodes to see three little dragon eggs hatch, from the jump, HBO is promising the big, scaly, firey babies that we’ve been pining for. And in the final trailer for the upcoming prequel series House Of The Dragon, the roof is on fire, and we don’t need no water because that’s what we want to happen.

Fire Will Reign Official Promo | House of the Dragon | HBO Max

Yes, there are dragons aplenty in the series. According to showrunner Ryan Condal, in this House, there are 17 fire-breathing lizards that some blond-haired freak thinks are their cousins. If that weren’t enough dragon goodness for the Targaryens of the world, they also have their own looks and personalities.

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“There are 17 of them at the height of this,” Condal told the crowd at Hall H at Comic-Con. “So it’s really important to differentiate them not only the way they looked, the way they behaved after, the way they bonded with the riders.”

“I think that was one of the earliest things that we started consulting on. This was about a year before we started filming. We worked with a couple of conceptual designers that we went through this very iterative process. And of course, George [R.R. Martin], who writes very detailed books, gave us the gift of specifying color and size and age. So we really took all those things that are that are given to us in the book and then tried to extrapolate and add personalities to them, like Caraxes. He is very, very cantankerous and he’s always you never sit still, much like his writer.”

House Of The Dragon comes complete with a working, living, breathing fireplace, and it’ll be available to stream this Sunday on HBO Max (assuming Discovery hasn’t canceled it by then).