The house from A Christmas Story is too big to put under the tree, but you can buy it now anyway

Watch your turkey dinners around the neighborhood dogs.
Watch your turkey dinners around the neighborhood dogs.

It can be tough to pick out Christmas presents, but one surefire option is to just be rich enough to buy your loved ones a house from a holiday movie. Fortunately for all wealthy gift seekers, a very good option in this classic gift category has just been made available: The house from A Christmas Story.

Yahoo!’s Raechal Shewfelt writes that the real-world Parker house, which was built in Cleveland in 1895, is up for sale through a local real estate firm just ahead of its sequel’s release. The place is apparently expensive enough that its seller hasn’t listed a price and potential buyers will need to “be prepared to explain why they’d want the piece of movie history” when putting in an offer. Owning the cinematic ideal of a regular American family home will also require buyers to provide information about their “background” and “their finances.”

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This sort of thorough vetting makes a bit more sense when you consider that the house has become a museum dedicated to the movie. After it was bought by a fan in 2004, the new owner filled the place and a few of its neighboring houses with A Christmas Story-related memorabilia. A Tripadvisor page for the site says it contains “the toys from the Higbee’s window, Randy’s snowsuit, the chalkboard from Miss Shields’ classroom, and the family car.”

Further buildings that serve as “a museum and gift shop dedicated to the film” are up for sale alongside the house belonging to A Christmas Story’s Bumpuses—the neighbors with the pack of slobbering dogs.

Check out the Yahoo! story and the house and museum’s website for photos and more information. And, if becoming a movie history landlord doesn’t fit your holiday budget, know that you can at least buy a replica leg lamp at the property’s gift shop.

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