‘The House of Beckham’ Book Will Dish Intimate Details About David Beckham’s Sex Life, More: Report

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David Beckham’s life story may have been told during his 2023 Netflix documentary, but the details of his sex life will reportedly be put on display in the book The House of Beckham: Money, Sex and Power.

“Those who want to know about Beckham’s sex life won’t be disappointed,” investigative journalist Tom Bower told The Mirror in a Tuesday, April 16, report. “It was a book that surprised me. We think we know everything. But, in fact, there is an enormous amount we don’t know – which the public will find out.”

The House of Beckham: Money, Sex and Power is set to release on June 20.

In the documentary Beckham, he and wife Victoria Beckham reflected on the 2004 rumors that David was having an affair with his former assistant Rebecca Loos.

“Victoria is everything to me,” the retired soccer pro said. “To see her hurt was incredibly difficult, but we’re fighters and at the time we needed to fight for each other. We needed to fight for our family, and what we had was worth fighting for.”

Rebecca, who had previously admitted to the cheating allegations, slammed David after the October 2023 release of the docuseries.

“He is making himself a victim and he is making me look like the liar. He’s making me look like I made up these horrible stories and that I’m the one who made Victoria suffer. Poor him. He had nothing to do with it. It’s so awful,” she told Daily Mail at the time. “The stories were horrible, but they were true, and he’s the one responsible for all of this,” she claimed. “He’s the one who’s responsible for his wife suffering. He’s the one that decided to lie to her and say, ‘We don’t have to tell my wife.’ He made all those choices.”

A few days before Rebecca broke her silence, an insider exclusively told Life & Style that “Victoria resented [David] for bringing scandal on their family.”

David and Victoria Beckham London House Tour 324
David and Victoria Beckham London House Tour 324

“But she was still madly in love with him. She decided it wasn’t worth tearing their family apart over. Their family was worth fighting for, and that became their mantra,” the insider explained. “They’ve weathered the storms and come out the other side.”

David and Victoria, who wed in July 1999, share kids Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper.

In November 2023, a separate source exclusively told Life & Style why Victoria doesn’t go into detail about the alleged affair and the drama with Rebecca.

“She won’t dignify Rebecca’s allegations by addressing them,” the source said. “The less said, the better.”