Horses Make Their Way Through Deep Snow as Wintry Conditions Hit Alberta

A group of horses in Burdett, Alberta, were unfazed by the deep snow on Wednesday, November 11, as the region experienced wintery conditions that week.

Footage captured by Patricia Kielstra shows her horses as they jump and push through the snow after leaving an area of her property where they were sheltering from the harsh weather.

Speaking to Storyful, Kielstra said the farm experienced a “major snowstorm” so all the horses and sheep were moved to an “indoor arena to keep them safe during this blizzard.” The next day she opened the sliding door and let them go back to their pens.

Kielstra added, “I actually did not think they would plow through the drifts quite like they did. It was an amazing thing to watch.”

According to local reports citing Environment Canada, snow accumulations were forecasted to be between 3.9-.5.9 inches the previous day after a warning was put in place for the nearby town of Medicine Hat. Snow elevations of 8-16 inches were predicted to affect some areas of Alberta on Sunday, November 8. Credit: Patricia Kielstra via Storyful