Horse gets spooked by creepy, unexplained voice on trail

A TikToker recorded a video of his horse getting spooked by what seemed to be an unexplained voice while riding on a trail. User @that1cowboy shared the clip on TikTok on Nov. 10, where it has since been viewed over 2.3M times. In the video, the cowboy rides along a scenic trail with his horse Scout when a high-pitched voice seems to shout “Hey!” from the surrounding bushes. The horse stops in its tracks and turns its head toward the area where the voice came from. it repeats itself, shouting “Hey!” one more time. The horse then becomes panicked and begins galloping in the opposite direction. Much like the horse, TikTokers were creeped out by the voice. many suggested it was a “skinwalker,” an evil shape-shifting creature from Navajo folklore. “Skinwalker said ‘hey!’ and horse said ‘bye!'” wrote one user. Whatever made the noise … we’re glad no one stuck around to find out