Horror-themed ‘Wheel of Fortune’ puzzle leaves viewers spooked

On Wednesday’s Wheel of Fortune, the classic game show was testing the limits of spooky season when one of the puzzles under the Movie Quote category had viewers Tweeting things like, “DON’T SAY HIS NAME!”

Once it was clear that the puzzle was the same word listed four times in a row, it was the contestant named Jordan who was able to figure it out.

The correct answer, “CANDYMAN CANDYMAN CANDYMAN CANDYMAN,” is a reference to the horror film franchise dating back to 1992 with a total of four films. The most recent sequel, Candyman, was released in September of this year and was co-written by Jordan Peele.

In the films, the deadly spirit is summoned when a person says the name Candyman five times into a mirror. And while potentially summoning a deadly spirit was met with applause on the show, viewers at home were feeling a little bit differently. And they took to Twitter with their thoughts and fears.