Hope Tala Embraces Escape on New Single ‘Leave It On The Dancefloor’

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Hope Tala - Credit: Samantha Lee (Courtesy of Republic Records)
Hope Tala - Credit: Samantha Lee (Courtesy of Republic Records)

Hope Tala is embracing escape on her new single “Leave It On The Dancefloor,” out now via Republic Records. The song is a bold introduction for a forthcoming project, currently untitled, that the singer and songwriter is set to release this fall.

“I wrote this song imagining what I would want someone to tell me while I was going through a hard time,” Hope Tala shared in a statement.

The song was crafted alongside songwriter Mozella and producer Greg Kurstin and taps into a well of inspiration from eighties synths and the glimmering era of disco. “Ooh, the night is young and baby, so are you / Let’s have some fun, I promise there's no rules /Don’t let nobody tell you what to do / When you groove,” the singer insists on the track.

“The chorus lyric encapsulates it all— ‘So come on leave it on the dancefloor, leave your worries all behind, and let the night take the pain away,’” Hope Tala adds. “Going out was something I missed intensely through the various COVID lockdowns, particularly when I was feeling down in the dumps. It was something I didn’t know how much I valued until it wasn’t possible or safe anymore.”

“Leave It On The Dancefloor” follows her latest single releases “Is It Enough” and “Party Sickness.” The singer shared a couple of loose singles last year, but cemented her position in indie pop with the acclaimed 2020 EP Girl Eats Sun, which featured the streaming hit “All My Girls Like To Fight.”

“A lot of the music I’ve been writing since the pandemic started has been exploring the wonder and joy of that experience: the community that lives among the heat of happy bodies on the dancefloor—how precious that is,” Hope Tala says.

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