‘Homeland’: All the Times Peter Quinn Has Escaped Certain Death

Rupert Friend as Peter Quinn in Homeland.
Rupert Friend as Peter Quinn in Homeland. (Photo: JoJo Whilden/Showtime)

That saying about a cat having nine lives? Well, it seems that Homeland’s Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) might be part feline. The agent has survived death so many times, we’re starting to think he’s immortal.

Here are all of the times Quinn would’ve died had he been a normal human being:

Peter Quinn gets shot at the tailor shop
Photo: Showtime

In Season 2, Episode 6 (“A Gettysburg Address”), Quinn was shot in the stomach at a tailor shop that the CIA was investigating. Other agents were shot and killed, but Quinn was taken to the hospital and managed to recover by the next episode.

Peter Quinn gets shot in a Berlin street
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In Season 5, Episode 4 (“Why Is This Night Different?”), Quinn was shot again in the stomach, this time by a Russian assassin. Carrie dragged him to a safe house, where she dug out the bullet. But Quinn was in very bad shape and ran off to die alone. Fortunately (or unfortunately, as we later realize), he’s saved by a doctor who happens to live with some Syrian jihadists. That benevolent action would turn out very badly, as Quinn embedded himself in the cell, only to have them use the sarin gas on him as a test.

Peter Quinn reacts to sarin gas
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Later in the same season, in Season 5, Episode 9 (“The Litvinov Ruse”), Quinn was poisoned with sarin gas. And though he received a secret inoculation from a sympathetic terrorist, he looked like a goner. He was foaming at the mouth as tears poured out of his eyes. He collapsed in convulsions and appeared dead. However, Carrie (Claire Danes) found him, and he miraculously survived — though he was in very critical condition.

Two episodes later (“Our Man in Damascus”), Carrie convinced Quinn’s doctors to revive him from a coma so she could question him about a forthcoming terrorist attack. He woke up but had a brain hemorrhage. The Season 5 finale (“A False Glimmer”) appeared to hint that Quinn died, after Carrie read his final letter to her and removed his vitals monitor. A beam of light flooded the room — as if it were calling Quinn to the afterlife.

But on to Season 6…

Peter Quinn gets shot outside a country cabin
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In Season 6, Episode 8, “alt.truth,” Quinn was nearly shot in the head — the bullet just grazed him — by an assassin who ended up killing Quinn’s one-time lover, Astrid. Then, the assassin seemingly shot Quinn in the back, and Quinn fell into the lake. The gunman then fired several more shots into the water to finish him off.

But this is immortal Quinn we’re talking about, so of course he surfaced from the water, very much alive.

And all of this took place as Quinn was still recovering from his last near-death experience.

Update: Spoilers from the April 2 episode “R is for Romeo”!

Homeland, Quinn, 9 Lives, Showtime.
Photo: Showtime

Three episodes later, as Carrie and Quinn investigated a house used by CIA black ops, which contained evidence that they engineered the van bombing, the house exploded. Carrie, luckily, was outside, but still was thrown to the ground by the blast.

Nobody inside should’ve survived… but somehow, Quinn came staggering out. He appeared unscathed, except for a minor cough!

So now, Quinn has escaped death at least five times. Just four of the nine to go!

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