If you have this home internet service, you’re about to get a huge speed boost

Andy Meek
·3 min read

Because the coronavirus pandemic has made a fast, stable, and secure internet connection more important than it’s likely ever been for many people, AT&T this week announced something of a gift for new and eligible current AT&T Fiber home internet customers.

The “gift” is automatic speed upgrades as well as new security features for these customers, which comes as AT&T says customers on its network have consistently spent as much as 14 hours per day streaming apps and 12 hours per day engaged in video conferencing. The gist of what AT&T is doing is as follows: AT&T Fiber customers on entry and mid-level plans are getting a 200Mbps boost to their upload and download speeds, for free. AT&T Fiber’s home internet entry speed, for example, will now be 300Mbps, up from 100Mbps.

The details: That base-plan increase will see the price stay the same, at $35/month for a year plus taxes as well as a $10/month equipment fee, while the speed is raised to 300Mbps. Likewise, the current 300Mbps plan is getting a free boost to 500Mbps, while its price likewise stays the same ($45/month for a year plus taxes, and a $10/month equipment fee). For the 1 GIG plan (Internet 1000), that price and speed will stay the same — 1 GIG for $60/month for one year, plus taxes, along with the $10 monthly equipment fee. This also includes HBO Max.

As part of this same announcement, AT&T also points out that its no-charge security tools like the Smart Home Manager app and AT&T ActiveArmor protect against digital threats and detect weak passwords. “Whether it’s even higher speed plans, additional easy-to-use security features, next-gen internet equipment, no data limits or a growing fiber footprint, AT&T is focused on bringing customers what they want and doing it better than anyone else,” Rick Welday, executive vice president and general manager of broadband for AT&T, said in a news release about these announcements. “Our top mission is to keep enhancing AT&T Fiber so more people can take advantage of a superior internet experience.”

AT&T says its Fiber internet service is designed specifically to provide high-speed connectivity even during peak usage times, which helps to eliminate internet disruptions at a time when we’re all working, going to school, and socializing virtually via the internet more than ever before. And on a related note, AT&T has also launched a major network expansion effort, part of its integrated fiber and wireless strategy, to build fiber internet service to 3 million new residential and business customer locations this year. This includes more than 90 metro areas that AT&T currently serves and additional areas that the carrier plans to reach in 2021.

“If there’s anything we’ve learned from (the) past year, it’s that fast, reliable and affordable internet is becoming a critical need for all Americans,” according to Roger Entner, Analyst and Founder of Recon Analytics.

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