Is Home Economics' Tom Bisexual? EPs Tackle Unsolved Season 3 Mystery

At the end of Home Economics‘ penultimate Season 3 episode earlier this month, Topher Grace’s Tom willingly gets pulled into a passionate kiss by Eddie Cibrian’s hunky contractor Santiago. The twist? While, yes, it was all just a dream, it was Tom’s dream.

The series’ subsequent season finale on Jan. 18 made no mention of the surprise smooch, but that has not stopped fans from wondering aloud whether Tom’s fantasy about his wife Marina’s (Karla Souza) ridiculously handsome colleague serves as confirmation that the eldest Hayworth sib is bisexual.

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Alas, series co-creators/co-showrunners Michael Colton and John Aboud caution viewers against reading too much into Tom’s one-off same-sex interlude. “It was [just] a dream,” Colton maintains with a chuckle. “I don’t think we’re going to be putting any labels on Tom. His marriage to Marina is strong, and what Tom dreams about stays in Tom’s dreams.”

Putting an even finer point on it, Aboud says, “We don’t want to dash anyone’s hopes, but we’re also not going to explore it further.”

The original script for Episode 12 actually ratcheted the sex dream up a notch, per Colton, who reveals, “There was [going to be] a [second] dream where Tom, Marina and Santiago are all making out — and you realize it’s Santiago‘s dream. It was funny, but, [ultimately] a little bit too much.”

Another tidbit about the initial script: It did not actually call for Grace and Cibrian to lock lips. “We originally had them beginning to embrace and then Tom wakes up,” Colton explains. “And Topher was like, ‘No, we gotta go at it. If Marina kisses him then Tom should kiss him, too.'”

Adds Aboud with a laugh: “I believe Topher said, ‘Why should Karla have all the fun.'”

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