Home chef stuns TikTok with ‘brilliant’ life hack for cooking chicken in the oven

A home chef is going viral after sharing their “brilliant” hack for how to cook chicken in the oven. This latest cooking hack, courtesy of user @rajmin2025, shows how you can use a wire rack to level up your chicken cooking game. The video went viral thanks partly to user @fr33z3socold, who shared a clip of his reaction to the life hack. “Why the h*** am I just now seeing this?” @fr33z3socold captioned his clip. In his reaction video, @fr33z3socold shares his shock to discover that you can hang drumsticks from a wire rack. This trick, according to the video, will let them hang and cook evenly in the oven — . all while adding some delicious chicken flavoring onto any veggies or potatoes you want to cook below. Many TikTokers called it “brilliant”. But some said it would make the chicken too dry, . while others noted that a single-sized rack won’t hold certain drumsticks — some may be too small or too large. Even if this TikTok hack doesn’t work for you, there’ll always be another one to try tomorrow