'Holy Moly': Officer Witnesses Pileup on Icy Highway Near Reno

The Nevada Highway Patrol has released dramatic footage showing a multi-car pileup on an icy highway in Reno on March 9.

Police said around 17 cars were involved in multiple collisions in just half an hour on US-395 as a result of motorists traveling too fast for the icy conditions.

In the footage, a trooper can be heard trying to warn drivers as cars lose control and slam into each other. His own vehicle is hit several times. “Watch out! Watch out!” he yells.

“Basically, we’ve got about 20 cars out here. My car is probably totaled,” the trooper is heard saying.

Local reports said one person was taken to hospital with serious injuries, while others were treated for minor injuries.

“There’s a common theme in weather-related crashes and it comes down to your speed,” Nevada Highway Patrol posted on Facebook. “If there’s inclement weather or slick road conditions, you absolutely need to slow down and give yourself plenty of following distance and time to react.” Credit: Nevada Highway Patrol via Storyful