Holy F-bombs, Batman! Robin has a real potty mouth in the first 'Titans' trailer

·Senior Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Robin the Boy Wonder? More like Robin, the boy who needs his mouth washed out with soap. Batman’s sidekick has harsh words for his mentor in the first trailer for Titans (watch above), an all-new original live-action series that will serve as the flagship program for the upcoming DC Universe digital subscription service. Loosely based on the seminal Teen Titans comic books, the show will bring together classic characters like Raven, Beast Boy, and Starfire alongside the Dick Grayson incarnation of Robin, who appears to be flying solo. How do we know? Well, for one thing, when he’s doing his vigilante thing and beating up a bunch of thugs in one of Gotham City’s many crime-ridden alleyways, one of them calls out, “Where’s Batman?” To which Robin replies, “F*** Batman.” (DC co-publisher quipped that “F*** Batman” would become the first trending hashtag of San Diego Comic-Con, where the clip was first unveiled.)

Dick’s grim and gritty new ‘tude fits the tone of the series, which seeks to portray the seedier side of the crimefighting life. Besides swearing with impunity, this Robin also shows little mercy in attacking Gotham’s criminal population, and spends his out-of-costume hours as a hangdog cop. His teammates seem similarly troubled, particularly Raven who seems to be struggling mightily with her psychic abilities.

Titans is one of four new shows planned for the DC Universe service, with the other titles including a new Swamp Thing series, as well as Doom Patrol and an all-new animated Harley Quinn series from her creators, Paul Dini and Bruce Timm. “There’s a lot of different tonalities we’re going to explore,” Lee remarked at a Comic-Con press event on Wednesday. “Titans is one kind of show; Swamp Thing is horror, and Doom Patrol is sort of quirky, eclectic superheroes.” And while these shows may occasionally overlap with each other, don’t look for the DC Universe shows to become their own shared universe… or cross over into the infinite Earths that populate The CW’s DC-derived series. “That starts getting more complex. If you are giving them the ability to have a ton of creative control and freedom, it’s probably best to keep in our lane.”

Titans is set to launch along with the rest of the DC Universe service this fall, with pricing ranging from a $74.99 yearly plan to a $7.99 per month option. Along with the new series, users will also be able to access an extensive back catalogue of DC-related movies (including the 1978 Superman: The Movie), TV shows (like the early ’90s version of The Flash) and even comic books, which can be “read” on your TV screen. Those issues include classic comics where Robin is his vintage Boy Wonder self and the only four-letter word he knows is “Holy!”

DC Universe will premiere in the fall of 2018.

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