Hollywood could take a lesson from Barstool Sports about respecting women in the workplace

Listen up, Hollywood. Respect in the workplace is possible, just ask the guys at Barstool Sports. Yes, you read that correctly. The Sirius XM bros and sports masterminds know a thing or two about treating women as equals in the workplace. Groundbreaking.

Barstool’s glorified girls, Maria Ciuffo and Francesca Mariano, stopped by The Morning Breath on Friday and spoke with host Jackie Oshry about the intimidations of working in a male-dominated office and industry.

The guys behind the barstools are known for their questionable candor and unapologetic directness, and they might not spring to mind as the considerate and gallant type, but Ciuffo and Mariano attest to their steadfast respect and admiration for them.

The hosts of the daily Instagram video series Chicks in the Office, Ria and Fran have been working at the Barstool headquarters for over a year now, proudly representing female sports fan in a sea of unruly, but reverent guys. “The guys are great. I’ve never felt more comfortable around them; they’re superrespectful,” said Ciuffo.

“They’re always joking, and it’s always so fun, but they’re really great guys, who have always been so great to us and have had our backs no matter what,” added Mariano. “Ride or die at Barstool.”

Ciuffo, who is known for her Mets fandom and her familiarity with pop culture, added, “They have always treated me the same. It’s never like, ‘Oh you’re a guy, I’m a girl.’”

Yes, we know that men should not receive special applause or a standing ovation for basic human decency. But the times are tough, and the Lauers and Spaceys might just need a good example when it comes to the how-to-not-pull-your-pants-down-in-the-middle-of-a-workday rule. Granted, their careers are dead, and they may not be needing pointers on workplace decorum anymore.

A little reminder never hurt.