Hogwarts Legacy Players Are Using Avada Kedavra on Students

Avada Kedavra on Students
Credit: KASDU GAMES via TikTok

Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t let players harm students. At least, the standard version of the game doesn’t. However, for those with the inclination, it’s possible to target and force curses like the Avada Kedavra killing spell on students. Videos of players attacking students in the new Harry Potter game have been trending on TikTok and many viewers are wondering how it is done. The answer? PC mods.

How players are using Avada Kedavra on Hogwarts Legacy students

Hogwarts Legacy players are using Avada Kedavra on students by installing mods for the PC version of the game.

With the game now fully out on PC, modders have been able to mess with the game, swapping out the broom model for Thomas The Tank, switching wands for guns, and allowing players to target students with the deadly Avada Kedavra curse.

For those on PS5, PS4, or Xbox Series X|S, it’s not possible to install these mods. Those on PC, however, are able to.

TikTok user KASDU GAMES demonstrated the Avada Kedavra mod, killing Poppy Sweeting, Omnis Gaunt, and more.

Players can complete the evil power trip by making Voldemort’s wand. Additionally, the Dark Arts Pack might be worth buying to look truly evil.

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