Hogwarts Legacy PC Ascendio Mod Patches Stuttering and Performance Issues

Hogwarts Legacy PC Stuttering Performance
Hogwarts Legacy PC Stuttering Performance

The Hogwarts Legacy Ascendio Mod claims to fix PC stuttering and general performance issues. And from the looks of it, this hotfix is working for a lot of players, as it is currently the most popular mod on Nexus Mods. The creator of the patch, Seifunaru, has also posted a handy side-by-side comparison showing the technical improvements the mod makes on the game.

Hogwarts Legacy PC Ascendio Mod shows stuttering fixed in comparison vid

Watching the Ascendio Mod work its magic on Hogwarts Legacy reveals a far more consistent frame rate, whereas the original game sometimes dips down into 40 fps range just by walking around Hogsmeade.

For a more technical description of what Ascendio does, according to a description on Nexus Mods, it implements “some engine tweaks like force CPU to GPU communication and sync, force frame finalization on stuck, enables texture streaming and tweaks it to work as optimal as possible.”

Looking through the comments on Ascendio Mod, it seems to work extremely well for some Hogwarts Legacy players but not for others. Some are even saying that it has made the stuttering worse. Still, the mod worth trying if you are experiencing lag and frame rate drops.

Seifunaru is working on a Patch 1.1.0 version of the mod that will have more stability and utility patches. The creator is a self-described “3D generalist and modder” who is engaged in long-term AA video game development. Seifunaru claims that Hogwarts Legacy also has memory leak issues and recommends users find other applications that might improve PC performance further.

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