Hogwarts Legacy meets The Binding of Isaac in this spell-slinging roguelike with excellent Steam reviews

 A surprised-looking kid holds up a wand in Magicraft.
A surprised-looking kid holds up a wand in Magicraft.

All it took for me to fancy giving this Steam gem a try was multiple reviews billing it as a mashup of magical action roguelite Noita and the likes of The Binding of Issac or Enter the Gungeon. Looks like I’m not the only one, either, as magical roguelike Magicraft is building up a fine raft of reviews and gentle buzz.

Launched into Steam Early Access just recently, Magicraft gives you oodles of spells and staffs to combine to disastrous effect. You tootle from room to room as you chance upon staffs, spells, and relics to combine and unleash on foes, promising plenty of big bright splendor.

There are a lot of combinations that form a list so big you may never get to the bottom of it. It’s the sort of wand building that’s earning the game comparisons to Noitia, where you “fight, explore, melt, burn, freeze, and evaporate your way” through a simulated world using magic of your own making.

The comparisons to Enter the Gungeon and The Binding of Issac are mostly aesthetic. You’ve got big ol’ damage that fills the screen rapidly, whereas the art style of each character and room has some lush Issac vibes.

Magicraft is building some buzz, too. The game currently has 1,152 reviews at the time of writing, scoring a Very Positive score as 84% of them are positive. As per SteamDB, the magical roguelike has hit the heights of 10,904 concurrent players, and the number is only rising.

You can check out Magicraft on Steam, if it takes your fancy.

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