Hoda Kotb and Daughters Hope and Haley Celebrate 4th of July in Red, White and Blue

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TODAY's Hoda Kotb shared on Instagram a picture of how she's spending July 4th: with her daughters, Hope and Haley.

The trio went bike riding with family friends Elisa DiStefano and Kathleen Mahoney-Ryan. Hope wore a pink helmet adorned with little American flags and a red shirt. Haley also had on a red top with a red, white and blue necklace. Hoda had the same necklace on and paired it with a navy blue colored shirt that also had red and white on it.

Their time in the sun was hopefully well spent. So far this summer, Hoda has posted the girls playing dress up in her clothes and lounging around the house in matching dresses. Hoda also makes it a point to sprinkle in some oldies but goodies while raising her daughters.

In April, they played a game of Twister with her little ones. It's hard to tell who is winning by the picture Hoda posted.

Last year for July 4, Hoda and her family spent it with TODAY's Dylan Dreyer and her family. Dylan said it was "way better than last year" in an Instagram post shared at the time.

In 2019, Hoda took Haley and Hope, then 2 years old and just a few months old respectively, to a parade with the same family friends they spent the holiday with this year.

Before racing off with the kids for this year's celebration, Hoda started the day with some quiet time. She was up early watching the sunrise and, knowing her, likely listening to a podcast at some point this morning.

She posted a photo of the sunrise this morning, saying "good morning fourth of July ... you sure look pretty."

What adventure awaits Hoda, Hope and Haley next July 4? Hopefully more fun in the sun.