Will a Hocus Pocus 3 Be Conjured Up? Bette Midler Says…

Will a Hocus Pocus 3 Be Conjured Up? Bette Midler Says…

Will another virgin reignite the Black Flame Candle?

Bette Midler shared her thoughts on the fate of a possible third Hocus Pocus movie, four months after Hocus Pocus 2 aired on Disney+ in September 2022.

"I'm not sure," Bette exclusively told E! News at the 25th CDGA Costume Designers Guild Awards red carpet Feb. 27. "Everything is weird. I don't know, maybe. Who knows?"

And although the 77-year-old is unsure about a third film being conjured up, she did reveal previously whether or not she would be up for reuniting with her fellow Sanderson sistersKathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker—once more.

"I'd love to have a franchise—especially a character I love playing," Bette told Entertainment Weekly Sept. 13. "If there was a third one, of course I'd sign on, but I don't know how. I can't imagine what the story would be, but I love Winifred, Sarah, Mary and our relationship. It's good for women. We stick together through hell and high water, but we do cause mayhem, and not many women cause that much mayhem!"

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If the First Wives Club alum is going to stick to the TV screen as her career of choice, her fellow Hocus Pocus co-stars have a few ideas of what the third movie could entail.

Sarah told EW, "Kathy had a good idea that the third one should be animated."

"Of course I'd be happy to have a conversation," the And Just Like That… star continued. "It just depends on what Kathy and Bette want!"

But along with sticking together with the women in her professional life, Bette revealed a fun fact about one woman most important to her heart.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy, Hocus Pocus 2
Matt Kennedy. © 2022 Disney Enterprises, Inc.

"My mother was a brilliant, brilliant seamstress," she told E! News on Feb. 27. "In fact, I still have her stuff. I still get that stuff out and I look at it and I'm stunned at how brilliant she was."

And when it comes to Bette inheriting the magic touch?

"I do sew," she confessed. "But I'm not as good as my mom. No one is as good as my mom."

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