Hillary Clinton's comedic chops steal the show on 'Murphy Brown' premiere

Hillary Rodham Clinton made a cameo on the premiere of the new Murphy Brown. The former presidential candidate applied for the revolving role of Murphy’s secretary.

Initially, Murphy recognized Hillary, but the former secretary of state said, “I get that a lot, but my name is spelled with one L.” And when asked about her qualifications, Hillary said, “For four years, I was the secretary … I was the secretary of a very large organization.”

Hillary wasn’t afraid to make a couple of jokes at her own expense. When Murphy asked about her clerical skills and email competency, Hillary replied, “E-mails? Mm-hmm. Yeah. I do have some experience with e-mails.” She was of course referring to the seemingly never-ending discussion about the tragedy in Benghazi and her use of non-secure email.

In the end, Murphy thought Hillary was overqualified for the position. Hillary left her with her business card, which had the email address “Hilary@youcouldahadme.com.”

Murphy Brown airs Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. on CBS.

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