Hilary Duff's 3 Kids: Everything to Know

Hilary Duff is a mom to three kids: Luca, Banks and Mae

Brian Bowen Smith
Brian Bowen Smith

In addition to her career as an actress, singer and author, Hilary Duff is also a mom to three children.

The How I Met Your Father star welcomed her first child, son Luca Cruz, 11, in 2012, with her then-husband Mike Comrie. Following their split, Duff began dating Matthew Koma. The pair got married in 2019 and welcomed daughters Banks Violet, 4, and Mae James, 2, in 2018 and 2021, respectively.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Duff revealed that she loves the "mayhem" of raising three kids. "I love when everyone's full of energy and the house is buzzing. You never know what the day is going to bring or what your kid's going to say," she said. "We're in the thick of it, and it feels good."

The Younger actress also discussed motherhood during an appearance on The Motherly Podcast in 2019. "Being a mother has been shocking, and it was also the happiest, most beautiful experiences, so those two things butting up against each other is quite a strange mix sometimes," she said. "Once you do find yourself again, you have the biggest thing under your belt that nobody can take away from you and you're so confident."

Duff regularly provides glimpses into her family life on Instagram. In December 2022, she shared a photo of her holiday card with fans, which featured an image of Luca, Banks and Mae holding her and Koma hostage while they ate cupcakes and laughed.

Hilary Duff/Instagram
Hilary Duff/Instagram

That same day, Koma celebrated the couple's third wedding anniversary with a sweet post and referenced their children.

"Thank you for raising our very cute and very unstable three kids," he joked.

In May 2023, Duff appeared on the Lipstick on the Rim podcast, where she talked candidly about prioritizing her family.

"I'm obsessed with my kids. I truly enjoy watching them grow and being there with them," she said. "I always get a little bummed out when I finish a project and someone is like, 'What's next?' What's next is I'm going to go be a part of my family. I want to be packing all the bags and the lunches. It's super important to me."

Here's everything to know about Hilary Duff's kids.

Luca Cruz Comrie, 11

Hilary Duff Instagram
Hilary Duff Instagram

Duff and Comrie welcomed their son, Luca Cruz, on March 20, 2012. "Welcome to the World Luca Cruz Comrie! Tuesday evening, we became proud parents of a healthy 7 pound 6 ounce beautiful boy," Duff tweeted. "We are overjoyed and feel like the luckiest parents in the world. He is surrounded by so much love!!"

The Lizzie McGuire star was just 24 years old at the time. She later discussed the challenges of being a young mom during an appearance on The Motherly Podcast, admitting that the experience was "isolating" since none of her friends had welcomed children yet.

"I did feel like after I had him, I lost a big chunk of my identity for maybe the first year and a half," Duff explained. "I did spin it as a positive thing because sitting in it when it was happening maybe I was a little sad about it and I didn't feel like I had anyone to go through the experience with, but then I came out on the other side. I'm like, I'm a freaking super woman and I can do anything and I have confidence for days."

Although Duff and Comrie split in 2016, Duff has said she is "really proud" of their co-parenting dynamic. "We are a unit and we're going to be a unit for the rest of our lives," she told PEOPLE. "We realized [as a couple] we weren't where we used to be. But I feel so lucky this happened when Luca was young because this is his normal now."

Hilary Duff Instagram
Hilary Duff Instagram

Duff's husband Koma has also taken on a role in Luca's life. In her 2020 cover story for Parents magazine, Duff revealed that Luca wrote a poem about their blended family and read it aloud at her and Koma's wedding.

"He wrote something really beautiful," Duff said, "and it started off with, 'Our family is a galaxy shooting off of the cosmos.' He was so brave to get up and talk into the microphone."

On Luca's 10th birthday, Duff posted a sweet tribute to "the greatest kid around."

"Luca Cruz what a gift you are to all that know you. I can't imagine how it's already been 10 years since I got to first hold you in my arms and meet your big blue eyes," she wrote. "This time with you has been something I can't even explain. It's my pleasure to watch you grow. To know your heart and be loved by you. You are magic and I can't wait to see all the cool things you do and will teach me over the next 10 years."

A few weeks prior, the mother-son duo attended a Justin Bieber concert together. Alongside videos of the pair lip-synching the words to Bieber's "Sorry" and "Baby," Duff wrote, "The. Best. Time. @justinbieber I think this is the last year Luca will put up with this out of me so I sang reaaaaaal loud."

In February 2023, Duff discussed motherhood on the Good Guys podcast with her fellow child actor Josh Peck.

"I was a teen mom," she joked, referring to welcoming Luca at the age of 24. "I think that I was just really ready. I always wanted to be a young parent."

Duff added: "It was hard cause I didn't have any friends that were having kids yet. But I just like figured it out and loved it. I love being a mom so much. I wouldn't change it at all."

Banks Violet Bair, 4

Hilary Duff Instagram
Hilary Duff Instagram

On Oct. 25, 2018, Duff and Koma welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Banks Violet. Duff posted a photo of herself and Koma cradling the newborn, captioned, "Banks Violet Bair❤️ this little bit has fully stolen our hearts! She joined our world at home on Thursday afternoon and is absolute magic." The couple had announced they were expecting "a little princess" that June.

Despite their 6-year age gap, Banks and her older brother Luca have a sweet relationship and he is very protective of her. "It's the best," Duff told PureWow of the two siblings' relationship. "It's a chemical reaction between siblings sometimes where he knows he has to protect her." She added, "He doesn't want her to ever fall off the couch."

In January 2020, Duff shared a black-and-white snap of Luca giving Banks a kiss on the cheek. "I don't know why he likes her so much.... she stalks and harasses him every minute of the day," she jokingly wrote in the caption.

A few months later, Duff and Koma celebrated Banks' second birthday with heartfelt Instagram posts.

"My love, my sweet sweet angel girl. Thank you!!!" Duff wrote under a highlight reel of baby Banks. "Two amazing years with your smile and your bright eyes (swoon) It seems you yelled at me, your dad, and bro for most of this time although no one would believe that with all the happiness that pours from you when you smile! Now … you are curious, at ease, [confident] and brave. I love you so so so many times and again. Thanks for choosing us!"

Hilary Duff Instagram
Hilary Duff Instagram

For his post, Koma wrote, "It's the greatest privilege of my life to be your dad."

Banks is also a big fan of her mom's music. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Duff revealed that her then-3-year-old daughter loved to listen to her album Breathe In. Breathe Out — specifically her hit track "Sparks."

"I can't get away from it because someone exposed my 3-year-old to it," Duff joked. "We get in the car, and I have to listen to my own music because my daughter's screaming, 'I want 'parks, I want 'parks.' "

Another singer Banks likes is Harry Styles. For her fourth birthday, she received a sequined pillow with the British pop star's face on it as a gift from her grandmother. "My mother wins best Present!" Duff wrote alongside a photo of Banks engrossed in her gift.

Duff also took the birthday girl to one of Styles' concerts to celebrate. Koma shared an adorable video of Banks that showed her in pure awe as she watched Styles perform.

"Harry 4th Birthday Banks Bair. May you always sing with the most engaged and concerned look on your face," he wrote alongside the clip. "Love you more than you'll grow up to love Dawes."

Mae James Bair, 2

Matthew Koma Instagram
Matthew Koma Instagram

Duff and Koma welcomed their second daughter on March 24, 2021. Duff subtly announced the news with an Instagram photo of Banks. "I'm a big sister ... marinating on how I feel about that!" Duff captioned the snap, which showed Banks in a bathtub with a thoughtful look on her face.

The couple revealed the newborn's name, Mae James, the following day. "Mae James Bair - We LOVE you beauty 3-24-21," the mom of three wrote on Instagram alongside a black-and-white picture from her at-home water birth. The photo showed Duff holding the newborn in a tub surrounded by her kids and Koma.

Ahead of her birth, Duff spoke with PEOPLE about how much more relaxed she felt about the pregnancy compared to her other two.

"This pregnancy feels easier because there was a lot of fear with bringing a new baby home when Luca was already 6½," she said. "There's a security in knowing what we need with having a newborn in the house since we kind of were just there with Banks. Both kids are super excited about the new baby and that's a comfort I didn't have the first time around."

Hilary Duff Instagram
Hilary Duff Instagram

In March 2022, Duff shared photos of a cake-covered Mae at her 1st birthday party. "Happy ONE Mae Mae — This family loves you so much! What a fun/crazy/tiring year it has been!" she captioned the post. "I truly enjoy you being my little barnacle … your face, with those big eyes just amaze me … It's especially cute and you know it!! Only a matter of time until you will be keeping up with your sibs little darling and I am one grateful mama to [bear] witness to it all. Happy birthday cake monster. I love you."

That November, Mae got a new haircut courtesy of her mom. Duff shared a series of adorable photos of Mae rocking her new bangs, captioned, "Today I cut Mae bangs… and it's cuuuuute."

In March 2023, Duff celebrated Mae's 2nd birthday with a sweet post on Instagram — calling her youngest daughter "bold, confident and funny."

"You smell like fresas and shake your booty through most of the day. Your circle of friends might be bigger than mine and in the last month you've turned into a real chatty Cathy doll 😂We love you major little bit," the mom-of-three captioned a carousel of images.

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