In hilarious TikTok, mom accurately captures how families act during road trips

On Nov. 3, user @theamysloan shared a clip in which she plays the role of different family members in a car. “Alright, let’s go, 12 hours to the beach,” the user says, presumably playing herself. The woman then switches roles and pretends she’s a little girl. “I have to pee,” she says, while holding a teddy bear and anxiously shaking her legs. A second later, the user pretends she is a teenager in a hoodie. “Mom, I can hear her music through my earbuds through her earbuds,” she says. She then plays another teenager. “I have to, you keep making that noise,” she says. perhaps the most relatable role she plays is the one of the frustrated father, who is driving the car. “I’m going to turn around this car right now, and we’re not even gonna go to the beach,” she says. The hysterically funny clip has since received nearly 415,000 views and more than 500 comments. “Thats why we stay home!” one fellow TikTok user wrote