Hilarious moment a baby deer tries to "get milk" from a young boy’s ear

Watch as this amiable baby deer tries to "get milk" from a young boy's ear. In the video, Glen Stefani, a rescued baby deer, can be seen nibbling on five-year-old Wyatt Wiltgen's, ear at Wyatt's Second Chance Ranch in Cedar Creek, Texas. "Baby deers have an instinct to nurse," said Wyatt's dad, Nick Phomkasornsri. "The loose skin on the ear kind of seems like a nipple and Glen Stefani just latched on. "I named him Gwen Stefani because I originally thought he was a girl, but it turned out I was wrong, so I changed it to Glen," he added regarding the deer's strange name. Since the video was shot earlier this month Glen Stefani has been released back into the wild. "Hopefully he's found a nice herd of deer and settled in," said Nick. Nick and his partner Steve Wiltgen nurse all types of animals back to health at their animal refuge, including deers, parrots, goats, horses, guinea pigs, and even emus. "We bring in animals that need a home. "It's a sanctuary because this is where most of them live out their days. "We fund a lot of it ourselves. "As of now, however, it's mostly a labor of love. "We get some donations from people who follow us on Instagram and social media, but we don't make a ton." Instagrammers can donate at @the_gaysian_cowboy.