Hilarious 'Celebrity Jeopardy!' has contestants admitting, 'This is actually very, very similar' to classic 'SNL' sketches

Celebrity Jeopardy! is a popular primetime spin-off of traditional Jeopardy! — and not just because it features celebrities. One of Will Ferrell and Saturday Night Live's most memorable series of sketches has been “Celebrity Jeopardy,” featuring Ferrell, as late game-show host Alex Trebek, becoming increasingly frustrated with the contestants’ absurd answers. And Sunday’s real-life episode was very reminiscent of those hilarious bits.

“​​You know, sometimes contestants on Jeopardy! are scared to buzz in if they don't know the correct response,” host Mayim Bialick pointed out after returning from a commercial break. “You three do not seem to have that problem.”

"Celebrity Jeopardy!" contestants Eddie Huang, Reggie Watts and Iliza Shlesinger (Photo: ABC)
"Celebrity Jeopardy!" contestants Eddie Huang, Reggie Watts and Iliza Shlesinger (Photo: ABC)

Contestants Eddie Huang, Reggie Watts and Iliza Shlesinger were quick with the buzzer, but very slow when it came to providing correct answers. As the trivia show progressed viewers were reminded of the Saturday Night Live sketch. And it wasn’t just the viewers — even the contestants admitted there were some similarities.

“I remember 'Celebrity Jeopardy!' from SNL,” said Watts. “That's how I most remember Jeopardy!.”

“Does this feel accurate to that?” Bialik asked

“This is actually very, very similar,” he admitted. “Not dissimilar. I'm glad they nailed it. It's great.”

Fortunately, all the charities the contestants played for will receive $30,000. This is extra generous because some of the answers to the Final Jeopardy! clue about 19th century literature were not very good … or from the 19th century.

The clue was: "William Brodie, an upstanding Scottish tradesman by day and leader of a gang of burglars by night, helped inspire these two title characters." Shlesinger correctly guessed Jekyll and Hyde, however Watts guessed Thelma and Louise and Huang guessed Peaky Blinders.

Celebrity Jeopardy! airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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